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Mould standard parts:大连盘起
模具标准件:大连盘起 http://www.punch.com.cn/
盘起工业(大连)有限公司, is a Japanese panqi Industrial Co Ltd, a wholly foreign-owned enterprise established to invest in China Dalian Development Zone, is the largest domestic manufacturer of mold standard parts, products used in precision plastic mold, stamping die, the semiconductor die, die-casting molds and other precision fixture in many fields. Products are mainly exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and Chinese foreland, because of its characteristics of high precision, good quality and varieties, all specifications, short delivery, has won widespread praise and trust of users at home and abroad.

模架:香港龙记 http://www.lkm.com.hk/
龙记集团, As one of the world's four major mold manufacturers, mold in the Asian crown sales over the years.
The dragon was founded in 1975, mainly to the early sales of mold steel, in 1985 officially opened the standard and custom-made mold department. After years of unremitting efforts and innovation, has now developed into a plant has several subsidiaries, covers an area of 488000 square meters, CNC machining equipment more than 250 Taiwan, more than 11000 employees in the industry group in asia. 'parent company listed on the Hongkong stock exchange in 1993, as the first listed company in the same industry. 

Hot runner:韩国柳道
热流道:韩国柳道 http://www.yudo.com/
YUDO, South Korea hot runner suppliers, creating 1980 has been committed to providing a set of hot runner solutions, is Asia's top services and global hot runner market fourth big company in the field.