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Plastic mold industry to replace the equipment makes the contribution for the environment

2020-07-19 17:45:37

In Chinese, the green environmental protection, recycling waste plastic recycling processing industry for the purpose of, because of the long-termextensive disorderly operation, toxic and hazardous waste plastics, along with a large number of domestic waste, native hybrid processing recovery, it has brought a huge air pollution to the environment, such as Baoding'ssevere haze, visibility 200 meters in the eleven period range. Waste input,cleaning processing granulation, recycled products, from the initial thrown,to re used by people, waste plastics repeated again and again the samsara.

Once again returned to the hands of consumers, it may transform into food packaging bag or container, health care products, but because the recovery process of regulatory difficulties, lack of detection technology formarket access, health risk those obscure, but difficult to detect. The person in charge of Baoding Tengfei plastic mould box factory manager Chen saw this item, she was very worried, gathered dozens of factory with the industrygathered in a meeting, start from the self, make contribution for the society.Characteristics of plastic mold is waste input, cleaning processinggranulation, reengineering, from the initial thrown, to re used by people,waste plastics repeated again and again the samsara. Can be repeatedly re processing and utilization, but also can be recycled, but also can crush theprocessing and utilization of commodity plastics, manufacturing production into a wide range of road edge stone mold, roadside stone mold, mold andslope protection etc..

Manager Chen with dozens of factory owners to sign written guarantee, the replacement of equipment from the root, into production in line with nationalvillage to obtain index of machinery and equipment, not to increase state of trouble, determined not to the production of food packaging bags, or health product containers, harmful to consumers products.