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Precision mold industry closely follow the pace of mobile Internet

2014-11-07 11:56:24

In today's society, intelligent equipment plays a more and more important role in people's daily life, the people also more and more dependence onthe smart device. In all the smart devices, mobile intelligent handheld deviceis one of the fastest-growing. The development and application of electronicproducts such as mobile phone, tablet computer with a fast speed occupied the market, to the mobile terminal which is based on the marketing way also gradually popular.

In recent years, precision mold industry in China has achieved certaindevelopment, but the industry competition is more intense, a large number of small precision mold manufacturing enterprises need to expand the scale of enterprises, improve the economic efficiency of enterprises, to deal with the fierce competition situation. The traditional promotion, marketing modelhas been unable to meet the demand of development of precision moldindustry, the transformation from the traditional marketing mode under the line for online marketing, from the PC to the mobile client, precision moldindustry closely follow the pace of mobile Internet, closely follow the trend of the times, entered the era of mobile Internet marketing.

Analysis of relevant experts believe that the mobile network marketing for the traditional industry in the future development plays a very important role. Mobile marketing with location service makes the marketing effect is more accurate than the traditional Internet, marketing advantage is moresignificant, effect is more outstanding.

Over the years has been to focus on precision mold industry experts, veryunderstanding of the development of the industry and the law of sales channels is, business acumen he found in the mobile Internet era, still struggling in the traditional marketing channels on the traditional industrybegan to face production lag, sales out of touch and so on a series of problems. As for the mobile Internet is confident he thinks, in the trend of the times, the production of precision molds should also with the aid of the network marketing channels to broaden its developing road.

For enterprises, through the intelligent mobile APP client, enterprise registration information, release product information, pictures, business information, online interaction with customers, to achieve onlinetransactions. A huge amount of information and convenient mutual aid system, better promotion effect for the enterprise; infinite business opportunities and low operating cost, promote the enterprise of precision marketing and business growth. Meanwhile, at the other end of smart phones, the consumer or the purchaser can according to their own needs,the search precision mold products, at a glance the price of the product and the related performance parameters, through the fingertips touch can easily choose their own products.

Concerned expert points out, the precision mold industry enterprises, to join the precision mold industry mobile Internet platform as soon as possible, not only to the enterprise itself brings convenient marketing choice, but also forthe future of enterprises, expand the marketing platform, make each kind ofprecision mold products production enterprises can occupy more market share, promote enterprise fast growth and development.