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The three major factors which influence the development of domestic mold Market

2014-11-07 11:55:53

China's mold industry is a young industry, mold complete from the auxiliary tool for production of products to independent manufacturing products,which lasted for twenty years. But the mold industry is a sunrise industry.The profit maximization is the goal in the goal of many enterprises, driven by the market competition for enterprises unscrupulous, disturbed the normal market order of operation and market price system, thus furtherspecialization and standardization of China mold cause negative impact. At present, the entire mold market there is such problems, its reason mainlyhas three aspects: first, at all levels of government departments is not enough to understand the whole mould market, value only the mold enterprise to the local financial contribution, while ignoring the characteristics of the mold industry, mold if not go specialization andstandardization of the road, will bring great danger to the sustainable development of national economy; die two, the completion of the transformation from the auxiliary tool product to product only after twenty years, the mold industry is a young industry, is a sunrise industry. But it is precisely because of this, in private and in transformation of mold enterprise as the main body, after twenty years of market work, there is no lack of part of the enterprise's success, but many more are in the start-up initial stage,namely in the accumulation of funds and experience accumulation phase, it is very difficult to take into account the deeper consideration and as.Although many companies have ten years, twenty years or even furtherbusiness development plan and plan, but the plan and the current status of China's mold enterprises and their own development space not match, so itis more stay in theory, it is difficult to truly implement; three, the mold enterprise sincerity crisis. Driven by unscrupulous market competition formany enterprises in the profit maximization of the slogan, to disrupt the normal market order of operation and market price system, further hampering the specialized production and standardization of our countrymould.