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Over the years, ABT Mould with superb skill, and production of high complexity, high productivity of the mould, won a reputation in the industry. Yongyi mould according to the requirements of mold surface and interchangeability, manufacturing single cavity and multi cavity mold, the number is in the range of 1-64.

Die types:
1. Reverse mold
2. Over mold
3. Double and three shot mold
4. MUD mould
5. Prototype mold
6. Stack mold
7. Gas-assist mold
8. Ecumenical injection mold

Product type:
1 auto parts
2 electronic accessories
3 computer accessories
4 notebook PC components
The 5.OA component
6 medical equipment parts
7 daily necessities
8 communication

Have rich experience in mold manufacturing Yongyi auto lamp mould aspect. We have HYUNDAI, JAGUAR, TOYOTA, PEUGEOT, LSUZU, HONDA, NISSAN manufacturing auto lamp mould