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    Taizhou city Huangyan District Zhejiang street in the west of the new village

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2D & 3D mold design
2D & 3D 模具设计


ABT Mould design department is composed of 10 professional design personnel, in the design of international software applications, such as in the design of 2D UG, Solidwork, Pro/E, Mastercam, PowerMILL, AutoCAD, Cimatron, 3D data PRT, SAT, IGES, STEP, X-T, format, and so on, and the introduction of DME, HASCO, DAIDO, RABOURDIN and other international standards, to ensure that we die to the use of good customers in the countries and regions. We also according to the special needs of customers customized processing mould.


Mould flow analysis

ABT Mould flow simulation center provides a set of solutions to improve the production of components. Analysis of the flow state of the cavity injection mold flow simulation of polymer (such as fillers, review of cooling analysis etc.) and forming analysis (such as deformation analysis etc.)


Our analysis of the mold flow simulation center to focus on the important aspects of the injection molding process, including the following aspects:

The design of components:
To determine the number of gate, gate location and size, position line, and pressure rating
Avoid short range and delay the effect of injection molding
To determine the optimal injection time
To determine the effect of continuous casting table

Design of the die:
Cooling efficiency optimization
Determine the position of the air collector